Ballad of a blanket

There once was an afghan in white

Which finished will be quite a sight

But we’re short three squares,

That the knitter despairs,

The darn thing has become quite a blight.


Great American Aran Afghan at 16 squares…and counting

Wednesday Miscellany--Knitting films

Given that film festival season is upon us—or past us depending on our locales—I thought it would be nice to share the few knitting films we could muster. Feel free to augment the list.

1. The Last KnitThis short animated film is available for viewing on web site, YouTube. By Finnish filmmaker, Laura Neuvonen, the piece is a cautionary tale about the power of obsession. To my mind, it was a cautionary tale about the consequences of a poor stash. Watch it. It’s a delight. (Link courtesy of friend Stephanie.)

2. Gangsta KnitterIf you’ve never seen the hip-hop parody, Gangsta Knitter, give it a look. It will leave you giggling all day.

3. Knitting A Love SongThis British short received great notices when it was released on 2003–04, including a nomination for Best Short in the Orange British Academy Film Awards. Unfortunately, I can’t find a link where we might view it.

4. The Knitting MachineIs a five-minute documentary about Dave Cole’s monster-knit project involving John Deere backhoes and a lot of red, white and blue felt.


Let's play the "Ugly or Cute" game

In this round of “Ugly or Cute,” you get to decide if the following scarf is ugly or cute. Quick! Is it ugly or cute?


Fiesta La Boheme scarf knit with rows of mohair locks

The Nake-id Superego

Id: I wanna start a fabric stash.

Superego: No, you don’t.

Id: Yes, I do..

Superego: Whatever for?

Id: I’ve got curtains and throw pillows to make for El Rancho. And you should see what’s out there.

Superego: I’m waiting.

Id: Well, there’s this gnome fabric from this Ebay store called Fabricfreak.

Superego: You’re making “gnome” curtains?

Id: No, silly. I just thought it was cool. But I have been flirting with the Frida fabric.

Superego: It’s a little garish…

Id: But fun…

Superego: It’s not my taste.

Id: OK. How ‘bout the Polynesian barkcloth at Atomic Textiles?

Superego: In a ranch?

Id: You have no imagination.

Superego: You have no esthetics.

Id: Asian koi?

Superego: Nope.

Id: Cowboys?

Superego: Pu-lease

Id: Shirtless cowboys!

Superego: You’re making me tired. Besides, you don’t know how to sew and you don’t own a sewing machine.

Id: You’re such a control freak.

Superego: I prefer to describe myself as “practical.”

Id: I’m calling my seamstress.

Superego: I’m calling the credit bureau.

I told you so



Catnip mouse, disemboweled.

Wednesday Miscellany--The Farm and Ranch Edition

Um, we bought a ranch. And before y’all start with, “whoa, who does that bitch think she is,” allow me to provide some perspective. I spent the entire weekend up to my double points in cobwebs, dead flies and mouse turds. We’re not talking South Fork, here.

Wanna see? That thing with the red roof. That would be our barn.


Welcome to El Ranch de Chihuahua

In honor of El Rancho, I thought I would devote this edition of Wednesday Miscellany to knitting cowgirl must haves.

1. Camelids. The other day when I had coffee with the lovely Anne, in state for a family wedding, she observed, “I see llamas in your future.” While we are not looking to adopt the llama lifestyle with its trailers and harnesses and all, we are toying with the idea of renting/loaning pasture to llama or ‘paca-packing mamas. Wouldn’t that be a dream?

2. A retro cowgirl-themed knitting bag. From Spunky Eclectic. 

3. Western-wear knitting patterns: See Berroco’s Western-wear layette and Urban Cowgirl. And crocheted baby cowboy booties.

4. A chihuahua weathervane.

5. Anything from Double D Ranchwear.

6. A Western embroidery kit from Sublime Stitching.

7. A Rockmount embroidered shirt.

8. Vintage cowboy furnishings. Check out the carved sofa. And scroll down for a shot of the obligatory boot lamp.

I already have the pink cowboy boots.


Geometry lesson

Here’s the thing:

When I start to think about designing without the help of my Knitware Sweater Design software (which, I love, incidentally), I get all in a twist about the math. Not the how-to-match-gauge-to-inches math, but the stuff that starts to look like integral calculus.

Say you want to design a wrap sweater. So you need a back, sleeves and two fronts. But do the fronts look like the triangle on the right or the one on the left? And what are consequences of this choice? Getting the numbers on the sides is easy. But how do you figure the angle and number of decreases to get the neckline and hypotenuse you want? And, yes, I should be thinking about deadlines and not about hypotenuses.


Anatomy of a murder

Someone anonymously sent Antone another victim. I’m predicting disembowelment by week’s end.




I failed Pictionary

What’s a designer wannabe to do when her sketches look like this?


You see where I’m going with this, right?

Surely, there’s a book somewhere? Instruction? A class? There’s got to be help for someone like me. Anybody?

A beautiful day for a new bolero


Notice how I cropped out my waddle

Fiesta Yarn’s La Boheme in the Madrid colorway using Crystal Palace’s free Trio Bolero pattern. Size 11 needles did the job.