Will wonders never cease: A new finished object!

When we last left our heroine, she was blathering on about skincare. And why not? When there hasn't been anything knit-worthy to report in low these many months.

But there's been knitting. Slow, desultory knitting that even a 2,900-mile road trip couldn't nudge to completion. Sweaters. There's a reason folks don't knit them. Gah! I wanted it done!

Well here it is. Martin Storey's Boulevard (cropped by moi) from the Rowan City Retreat book.Knit up in that all-domestic wonder-worsted Peace Fleece in Porterfield Plum.

I adored this yarn which combined Native American wool with wool from Ohio all leavened with a bit of Texas mohair. If you don't like the whiff of the barn about your yarn, steer clear. But if you appreciate a little vegetable matter and that gorgeous, sheepy lanolin scent, this string is heavenly. Like my mother says, "real yarn."

Thinking about pairing this number with black culottes. Like these. Or these--perfection! (But where in the world did that word come from? Culottes?) Cuter than they sound. Really. With ankle boots.

Though the journey seemed epic, the finish couldn't have come at a better time. Here's the the advent of sweater weather!

Knitting Finished Object: Habu White Cardigan #115

This post should probably begin with: I hate my neck. But instead let's go with: I love this cardi!

The finished object pictured aboved is Habu Textile's White Cardigan #115, a less refined version than the one pictured on Ravelry, but no less loved for its wabi-sabiness.

The construction is something of an origami wonder to this Western mind. The back is knit, sleeves, then two unusually shaped fronts that are kitchenered together at the neck, sewn to the back (side seams) then the bottom edge of the collar is mattressed to the top edge of the back. These instructions had me, my mother and an entire yarn shop flumoxed until we realized I had screwed up the armhole shaping--and a few other things.

For someone who pays more attention to detail than the knitter does here at Nake-id Knits, this is an easy, clever knit--one strand of soft pencil roving combined with a strand of black and a strand of purple ramie (the colors of the ramie can be customized to the knitter's taste--the olive and khaki would be smashing!) to create a dusty, variegated effect.

I suspect this sweater will get a lot of wear.