Another monster happened

I can't seem to stop making monsters. What with all the cute kids being born. Plus with those long arms begging to be wrapped around a wee one, well, who doesn't need a hug? Especially when you're little and trying to figure out the difference between Nana and Dada.

The yarn is from genius dyer, Meg of Sleep Season Goods. It was a custom colorway, but all her colors are ah-mazing! Want immediate gratification? You can also find her yarn at Denver's Wild Yarns and Fancy Tiger.

And do look up Rebecca Danger, she has toy patterns for every season and every reason.

Monster mash

I was knitting my way through a Broncos game last fall when a six-year-old sat down next to me convinced that knitting held infinitely more entertainment potential than the sporting event on offer. I showed her how the stitches worked and let her throw the yarn. When I showed her the Rebecca Danger monster I was knitting, she asked if I would make her one.

She also said, she wanted it in black. How can you say no?

It's taken a while, but here she is. Use Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky and you'll get a nice fat stuffy.

Apologies for the cat hair and fiber fill lint. Many sessions with the lint roller later and she's still covered in it.