Thursday Miscellany: Crocheted rug, fiber-related perfume and more

What a week it's been! A flurry of yarn crawling, shopping (I hope heaven is like Anthropoligie--on sale), traveling (if you ever travel to Virginia Beach, don't miss Wicker's Crab Pot) and dining out. (You needn't bother with the new cheese biscuits at Ruby Tuesday, just sayin'.)

So without further ado:

1. Our wee North Denver Knitting Guild went a-yarn-crawling Saturday to the burgeoning Fort Collins metroplex. Lynn drove her mother's black, Grand Marquis. You wouldn't believe what that thing can do with electric buttons.

We started at the legendary Lambspun. We were dazzled and took our time. Everyone came away with something. My take: Nancy Marchant's Knitting Brioche and a skein of Tilli Tomas silk ribbon for the Frou-Frou skirt.

Next up: My Sister Knits, a jewel of a yarn shop located in a sweet carriage house. All of us were smitten. The store does a great job of showcasing yarns with its models, particular dolls. There are gnomes and birds and a family of Rebecca Danger's monsters. I was taken with a ribbon-knit lamp shade and the crocheted rug, pictured above. The rug is fashioned from roving that's been wrangled into gigantic granny squares. Can you imagine stepping out on that bed of wool every morning?

Finally, we made our way to Your Daily Fiber, a cool spinning-weaving-knitting emporium that emphasizes local, fair trade and planet friendly fibers. You'll find Elsa's fabulous Cormo products here along with other regional and domestic exotics. They have a very tightly edited selection of yarn, so not sure why they included the Louisa Harding, but there's plenty here if you love farm-fresh naturals.

After a lunch heavily laden with comfort food--the day had a nice, drizzly, autumnal feel--we road back in style to the Big D, our stomachs full our wallets lighter.

2. Sunday found me in Northern Colorado again, Loveland and Boulder, where some shopping was accomplished. Pre-business travel is a very dangerous time to let me out of the house. I was taken with a parfum called Cashmere for obvious and not-so obvious reasons but didn't like how it "wore." Nice on the front end, weak on the finish.

3. Completely alarmed at the state of pants this season. Remember those bubble silhouettes we wore in the '80s? Pleated fronts, tapered legs? Skinny jeans make more sense.

4. DPL LYS--Local goils, did you know that the Denver Public Library has a yarn shop? Si, senoritas. Open Mondays, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. and Wednesdays, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and by appointment. At the Central Branch.