Adventures in pickling

Not long ago, Mr. Nake-id IM'd me with this tidbit, "I want to ferment."

A lot could be read into that phrase, but I knew exactly what he meant. The poor man wants more saurkraut/gherkins/pickled onions/probiotics on his plate.

Of course he does. Who doesn't? 

But all this trafficking in bacteria can be intimidating. Enter the FARMcurious Fermentation Set. (See above.) Developed by an intrepid urban homesteading evangelist, the fermentation set is essentially a screw-top lid that allows carbon dioxide to release without permitting outside air in. Twist it onto any wide-mouthed mason jar (the wide-mouth requirement sent me scurrying for new jars; the ones on hand were standard-mouthed) of any size, add salt water and produce and three to six weeks later, voila, gut-healthy taste treats. 

Why not start with the classic? Our neighbors' dill and the farmer's market provided the bounty pictured above. I loosely followed this recipe and packed my brand-new jars.

I don't come from a patient people. So six weeks seems like a stretch. But isn't our little science experiment pretty?