Hemp oil. It's not just for salads.

Since our state has become the butt of jokes in the other 49 for legalizing recreational cannabis, I thought I'd weigh in with some Nake-id perspective:

First, we're not all getting royally stoned. Would there was the time. But with a bustling economy and lots of work to be done, most citizens are going about their day-to-day with nary a thought to pot.

Second, there are growing pains. Serious ones that need to be addressed, and, yes, regulated, namely the dosing issues and packaging of edibles.

Third, some of us have never taken to the stuff, salad days in the '70s, regardless. Seriously, munchies, at our age? Good on you if you can afford the calories.

But hemp. Ah, hemp is something entirely different. Hemp, the non-psychoactive cousin of cannibis, is so multipurpose and useful, why it's good for everything from knitting to helping vegans get their protein on.

Happily, our controversial statute allows for the cultivation of this wonderful cultivar, so Colorado will prove to be a bellwether not only for the recreational stuff but also for its more serious, hard-working relative.

While all the cool, green beauty bloggers are still agog over coconut oil (who likes digging it out of the jar?), I've found hemp oil to be more emollient and easy to use. Rich in fatty acids, Omega 3s and vitamin E, it's antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, anti-all-things-bad. And it smells like, um, fresh grass.

I don't use it on my face, but rather slather it on damp limbs apres bath. And, since I keep it in the fridge, it's also delightfully refreshing, especially in these temps.

Oils are all the rage these days in skincare and it's easy to see why. A single oil like hemp runs less than $20 for a bottle that will last months. Another to try: avocado oil, especially in the drying winter months.

Have fun. Pretend your a salad and lube up before you get dressed.