Alpaca lace scarf--finished object

Alpaca lace scarf on the rack

Alpaca lace scarf being subjected to really poor art direction

Would that our photography skills were better. But above you'll find a sumptuous Royal Baby Alpaca scarf made from one skein of Goosebump's natural black. The blocking wires served their purpose, though for this piece I might've been just as well served by smooshing, patting and cajoling. The instruction to "simply slip the wire through the edges of your lace project" took about 30 minutes of weaving and eyestrain, but it's done and soft like a kitten's belly.

Want the pattern? I used Babs' Track of the Turtle, version I from the Second Treasury.

Needles: US size 10

CO 23 stitches.

Knit six rows.

Start lace pattern below:

Row 1: (WS) K7, p9, k7.

Row 2: (RS) K4, p3, yo, k4, ssk, k3, p3, k4.

Row 3: Repeat row 1 for all odd numbered rows.

Row 4: K4, p3, k1, yo, k4, ssk, k2, p3, k4.

Row 6: K4, p3, k2, yo, k4, ssk, k1, p3, k4.

Row 8: K4, p3, k3, yo, k4, ssk, p3, k4.

Row 10: K4, p3, k3, k2tog, k4, yo, p3, k4.

Row 12: K4, p3, k2, k2tog, k4, yo, k1, p3, k4.

Row 14: K4, p3, k1, k2tog, k4, yo, k2, p3, k4.

Row 16: K4, p3, k2tog, k4, yo, k3, p3, k4.

Repeat rows 1-16 until you almost run out of yarn.

Knit 6 rows.


Block with care. But maybe not as much care as shown above.

Free Pattern Wednesday: Auntie Mitts

If you are "afeared" of lace, these sexy mitts are a great starter project. Knit flat using the simple two-row "Stripe with Twisted Bars" pattern from Barbara Walker's second treasury, they whip up in a flash and look great peeking from underneath a simple cardigan or leather jacket.

Yarn: Sport weight (I used my own wonky handspun)

Amount: 100 yds

Needles: Size 6 US


Lace stitch is a multiple of 6 sts plus1.

Cast on 37 sts very loosely.

Row 1 (right side): K1, *yo, k1, k3 tog, k1, yo, k1; rep from *.

Row 2: P1, *k5, p1; rep from *.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for 6.5 ins or until you reach desired length. BO loosely.


From CO edge using mattress st., seam mitt (about 4 ins.), leaving a 1.5-inch opening to accommodate thumb, continue seaming to BO edge.

Weave in ends. Add buttons to embellish. Wear with leather. And attitude.