Spinning a 4th of July


That I am finally spinning respectable yarn should inspire fireworks.

No doubt the bombs, whistles and sundry explosions rocking our neighborhood this weekend had more to do with the birth of this great country, but one can pretend.

And, to be perfectly truthful, there was a lot more cooking and consuming than yarn production: Homemade cherry-almond granola (the wonderful Carmen's recipe), grilled wild-caught, honey-glazed salmon spiked with Durango Hickory Smoked Sea Salt, wilted kale over grilled polenta, mixed-grain cheddar bisquits (courtesy of the in-house baker), wild rice salad with blue cheese in a white-wine vinaigrette, and to wrap up a long, delicious weekend with cookies-and-cream ice cream from Paleteria Chihuahua. Yo caro hilado!