Yarn love

Over the years I've had the great good fortune to sample a lot of yarns. Everything from cashmere and yak to possum and beaver, recycled pop bottles, milk, corn, soy, pineapple, and even humble-but-illegal-to-cultivate-in-the-U-S-of-A hemp have slipped through my needles.

Most are perfectly fine. Some knit up splendidly but make you want to stab yourself in the eye they're so frustrating to work. Many split. Others arrive disheveled like they've just had a good roll in the hay, and why not? It's a good reminder of provenance. Still others are so soft, if you give them a good stare they'll pill.

Occasionally a yarn will find its way into my shopping bag, because they have a way of doing that. Like the skein pictured above. I had spied it at Wild Yarns and, you know, spent the evening rationalizing: Organic merino, hand-dyed by Cheryl herself, great yardage. Called Kelly the next day to hold.

And here it sat, until a happy convergence of twisted stitches, free time and knitted skirts inspired a new design. What's more, it knits like a dream with nary a split or hiccup. Let's hope it swaddles my backside just as well!

Oh, and the name of the yarn? OM by Cheryl Oberle.


Nake-id with credit card

Maybe it's the corporeal vegan denial? Or the coming of the jingle bells? But right now I can't be trusted with a credit card.

To wit: The profligate purchase of new skincare back-to-back with new yarn. As if these things didn't exist in ample supply at Chez Nake-id.

The above skein, called Stimulus Package, comes from a hand-dyer in New Mexico, Dyelot Yarn (this is the Aster colorway.) Combining mohair, boucle, alpaca and three different kinds of merino, each variegated yarn spills out into 100-plus-yard segments for a total put up of 670 yds. Enough for a generous shawl, vest or shrug.

I'm thinking a tunic ala Altiplano by Anthropologie (see below), only knit not crocheted.

The site of the crime, Wild Yarns. For all you local girls with similar impulse-control issues, the Dyelot Yarn trunk show continues through the week.