Dude, Everything's better with fringe

Better, don't you think?

First finished object of 2012: Git along little doggy!

Just in time for the Stock Show...but huge! Even though I subbed yarns (Berroco Remix, in this case) and played fast and loose with gauge, sizing was spot on. The pattern's vintage. Could it be that babies were bigger in 1990? Regardless, can't wait to see the lil' buckaroo.

Also, have been dithering over whether to add fringe. What d'ya think?

The best part of the whole thing? Those darned faux pearl buttons!

Knitting Finished Object: Nazo Vest by Cheryl Oberle

Say "hey" to Nazo.

This is one of Cheryl Oberle's latest, which because of the vertical garter stitch (emphasis on vertical), is wonderfully flattering. it's also a triumph of engineering, with precise increases, decreases, diagonal details--and no seaming. How she managed to construct this side-to-side vest with no mattress stitching coda, well that woman is a caution

This was knit in Creatively Dyed Woodbrook 2 in the Elgin colorway paired with Cascade 220 in black. (At least I think it was Cascade 220.)

You might think this is a mindless knit, stitched as it is all in garter stitch, but you that's not the case. Nazo, which means puzzle in Japanese, emerges on the needles in that miraculous way of socks, where you have no sense of where you're going topographically until a heel appears--or the armhole of a vest--with fun surprises at every turn.

Imagine it in your own colors and enjoy the ride.

Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds Hat

A hat from the Nake-id Salon (saloon?). Amazing how the convergence of a birthday and stash yarn (Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds and other stuff) inspire new designs and finished objects.

That's how it is with us writers. Form plus function plus deadline plus metaphorical duct tape equals done.


Free knitting pattern: Spotholder Potholders

Spotted Potholder/Trivet   

If you’re going to the trouble of knitting a potholder, make it a cool one. This modernist, 3-D hot pad makes a colorful kitchen accent, doubles as a trivet and gives you the option of felting or not. Choose a beefy solid yarn or practice your stranding and knit contrasting-colored bobbles for a project with plenty of juice.
Size: One 
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky; 1 skein
Needles: Size US 13
Notions: Tapestry needle
Make Bobble (MB): K1, p1, k1 into same stitch. Turn. Purl across. Turn. K2tog, k1. Turn. Purl across. Turn. S1, k1, psso.
CO 21.
Work 2 rows in garter stitch.
(WS): *K2, p17, k2.
(RS): Knit.
Repeat WS row.*
Next row (RS, First Bobble Row):  K2, MB, k3, MB, k3, MB, k3, MB, k3, MB, k2.
Work between *.
Repeat bobble row.
Next row (RS, Second Bobble Row): K4, MB, k3, MB, k3, MB, k3, MB, k4.
Work between *.
Work First Bobble Row.
Work between *.
Work Second Bobble Row.
Work between *.
Work 2 rows of garter stitch.


Weave in all ends.

Knitting Finished Object: Jil Eaton Baby Hat

The cats wouldn't cooperate for the obligatory cat-in-the-hat shot. The above was whipped up for a new bambino in the family, a much-wanted boy amidst a cavalcade of girls in this generation. No doubt he will be very popular amongst his cousins.

Hat: From Jil Eaton's MinnowKnits in stash yarn and Tahki Cotton Classic.

The $10 Handknit Skirt

Let's ignore the knobby knees and, um, alabaster gams that shouldn't be allowed to see the light of day. Instead focus on that Pepto-pink number whipped up from two balls--two, count them, two balls--of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Azalea.

This one knit up at about 4 stitches to the inch (the original logs in at about 4.5), so I just knit a size smaller. Really, girls, it's like wearing jammy bottoms to the office. And at just about $5-$6 a ball, well that's one cheap little summer romper.

Ecce Spotholders!

A good pal, who just moved in to a new-to-her Midcentury Modern, has a birthday. The house is being done up in shades of gray with splashes of Modernist art and carefully selected High Modern furnishings. The kitchen accents? Lime green and orange.

I plan to post a pattern--for knit and crochet versions--but may sell it to benefit a local food equity program. Denverites tend to be passionate gardeners, in spite of (maybe because of!) our short growing season. And there are wonderful organizations who transform parking lots into garden plots.

As the crab apple trees display their dramatic pale-pink toppers and the tulips display their pretty dresses, it seems appropriate to help spread some fertilizer in those neighborhoods where access to a convenient grocery store is limited.

Plus they make quick housewarming gifts!

Knitting pattern: Little Black Skirt

Who doesn't need a sassy, black pencil skirt that's as comfortable as your PJs but much, much cuter?

This skirt solves the major problem of the Mrs. Robinson (which has a propensity to fall off!) by adding an elastic waistband that's whipstitched to the inside of the skirt. This gives the piece a professional, finished quality while allowing you to adjust it to precisely your measurement. 

The recommended yarn is the worsted-weight, cabled merino GGH Samson, but Karabella's Aurora 8 would make a fine substitute. You'll love the softness of the merino as you swan about in this little number.

 Now that the weather is warming, wear this black pencil skirt with a belted t-shirt and flats and ward off the chill with a denim vest or leather biker jacket.

The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Whipstitched waistband 






Knitting: My Funny-Good-Sport Valentine

An FO emerges from the atelier (cue the sound of Cupid giving Ms. Nake-id a high-five). The hat in question: Windschief by Stephen West in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Charcoal Mix, the largest size using US 7 and 8 needles. (Mr. Nake-id has an extra big...cabeza.)

This is a working piece and the recipient needs ear coverage, so I knit it extra long. Should this pattern ever find its way to my needles again, I would leave it shorter. Wear it in good health, Baby!

Change-your-life (a little) Monday

Pomegranate raspberry rose chocolate. Basil lemon truffle. Hibiscus cream. Salted caramel. The discovery of a local artisan chocolatier is our gift to you this Valentine's Day: Black Star Chocolates. Divine.