10 cool gifts for vegans under $20

10 gifts for vegans under $20

  1.  Two bottles of Frey Vineyards’ Organic Natural Red. Great price point for organic. Award-winning. With great organic, vegan cred.
  2. An e-copy of Crazy Sexy Diet from our favorite neighborhood bookstore, The Bookery Nook. We love the Crazy Sexy Diet for its accessibility, compassion and complete absence of self-righteousness. (Not that we’re juicing, but we think about it.)
  3. A weird-vegan-food kit. Chia seeds, hemp seeds, Himalayan salt and nutritional yeast. Don’t ask.
  4. A donation to your vegan’s favorite animal shelter or farm sanctuary.
  5. A gift certificate at your local health food emporium. Or in lieu of that, Whole Foods.
  6. A homemade vegan dinner. At your place!
  7. A bottle of domestic, organic olive oil.
  8. A gift-card to Chipotle. (OK, not vegan overall but accessible with plenty of vegan options.)
  9. 100% Pure Lip Glaze. (Assuming your vegan wears such things.) Fruit-pigmented, vegan and gluten-free.
  10. Herbivore t-shirt. Subtle. Non-judgmental. Made in the USA.
  11. Bonus: Copy of the film Vegucated. The latest in the convert-inveterate-carnivores genre.

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