2006: A Nake-id Year in Review

This has been a year of loss, adventure, risk, failure, new projects and the anticipation of Congressional renewal--all-in-all pretty normal, except for the highs and lows, which were much more extreme in 2006.

Some highlights:

I bought yarn in Buenos Aires, Taos and at the new yarn shop three blocks away. Learned to crochet. Bought and renovated (mostly) a ranch. Lost money in the stock market. Won and alienated clients. Brought a devilish mammal into the house. Learned to use an I-pod. And attended the funeral of a much-treasured family member. Professionally, I've felt sure and competent at times, but more often, deeply inept, wondering if I shouldn't just chuck it all and sell high-end lingerie.

I've knit this, this, this, and this, knit and ripped this, knit this, this, this, this, this, dear God and this, facilitated this, crocheted this and this, 30 of these and these--pretty productive actually. Though the novel's still not done. There was blogging, the meeting of new bloggy friends--the local goils, Anne, Lauren and Vik, especially, as well as the launch of a new blog by a talented friend. There is so much talent in our wooly corner of the blogosphere, it makes me gasp.

More than ever, I am grateful for my family, our health and the other wonderful furry mammal who makes things happen at Chez Nake-id (that's you, Mitch, not the Big Kitty). You are the strongest, most decent person I've ever met.


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December 29. 2006 06:48


The extremes were true for me this year as well.

On the extreme "good" side of the ledger would be getting to know you in the past year.  

Wishing you and all of your readers more happiness and less sorrow in 2007.

threadingwater |

December 29. 2006 08:32


we all have extremes that we live with.  I have enjoyed getting to know you and your family through this blog.  One thing I have learned:  there are many ways to describe you Leslie, but "deeply inept" is not one of them.  Keep on your dream trail.  


John |

December 30. 2006 12:16


I think 2006 has been an extreme year for many. I'm glad you popped into my shop! I've enjoyed our chats, sharing your projects, & the wonderful energy you bring.  Loved the new article in Vogue - read it yesterday. Knit on!

Sylvia |

June 29. 2007 13:13


Is that the tallest wine cozy/bottle of wine in Colorado? It looks to be at least eight feet tall! That's a whole lotta celebrating going on down there at the ranchette. Have a good time and Happy New Year!

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