95 Days and Counting: A Culinary Answer

I keep a keychain counter on my desk and as of right now it indicates: Only 95 days, 13 hours and 18 minutes left in the Bush Administration.  

To help us survive these last dark days, a colleague compiled this book, Nutrition Accomplished: Your Recipe Guide to the Last 100 Days of the Bush Presidency. In it you'll find such delicacies as Rums Field Green Salad, Impeach Pie and Karl Rovaloni tucked under chapter headers that read, "Stay the First Course" and "Surge to the Main Course."

We think it's a mighty clever idea.

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October 16. 2008 12:13


I love it.  Must have a copy.
How's the Gitmo Gazpacho?

Christie |

October 16. 2008 20:25

Ann T

I have never laughed so hard!  Love your blog!

Ann T |

October 17. 2008 09:43


I want some Torture Tortellini!!! - Suze

Susan |

October 22. 2008 12:58


I suppose the only thing you can get to drink is waterboarding.....

olga |

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