A pear tree, no partridge


We've lived in our house for 18 years and most of those years, the tree in our side yard has burst into glorious bloom in spring and then presented us with these mealy-as-hell, rock-hard, green fruit come fall. We've puzzled over this tree with the neighbors and have pronounced it variously as quince and crab apple but settled on "weird fruit." That's the "weird fruit" tree, we tell folks when asked. It's pretty in the spring but produces these weird, inedible fruit.

The phenomenal fruit season we've enjoyed in Northwest Denver this year gave the strange fruit this tree bears time to ripen into a more indentifiable food--pears, as it turns out. Small, stubborn, slow-to-ripen pears. They make for poor eating but bake up nicely. This week I paired them with lemons from my in-laws' tree in Arizona.

I followed this recipe from Bon Apetit, cutting down the amount of sugar in the filling and adding honey for extra moisture. Would highly recommend the weird fruit croustade with lemon crust.




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