A peek at the Traveling Shawl


Photos by Shanna Lewis

I plan to knit my six rows tonight. I've waited for a time when it'd be quiet and I can concentrate. Lace is a bit of a four-letter word over here, not because it isn't revered and adored, but because it doesn't come easily and I want to do this work justice.

The shawl, though, it's a thing of beauty, isn't it?

(For more information about the Traveling Shawl project, visit the blog here.)

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March 30. 2009 20:17


It's so lovely Smile  Thanks for thinking of me, I'm truly honored.  Smile

Nicole |

March 31. 2009 08:14


As you look at the shawl, with so many knitters before you, does it look like the tension was even?  That would be my hesitation.  Can I replicate?  It's lovely.

theresa |

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