A perfect day

Years ago when I was working at the university, our team went to the mountains for a staff retreat. The facilitator asked us to write the details of a perfect day. Mine included writing in the morning, lunch with friends, an afternoon workout, some desk tidying, cooking and a leisurely dinner and evening with Mitch and the cats. Today I would add knitting to the evening part.

What constitutes your perfect day?

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August 3. 2007 01:30


Nothing needs to be repaired, because it all already has been {grin}.

Deborah Robson |

August 3. 2007 02:06


I would have to say good company and a lot of laughs.  Even the mundane seems more than when you're happy and laughing.

Christie |

August 3. 2007 23:42


A sunny, snowy day with my cats, spinning wheel, knitting, and no phone calls is first on my list...second is one of the glorious, long days spent knitting with my staff on retreat each year.

martie |

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