A terrible, horrible, awful, very bad, no good night of knitting

Last night, I found myself in the position of having to take my lace curtain off the needle to correct something that had gone awry. Amazing that lace knitting could go awry here at Salon de Nake-id, but that indeed was the sad state of affairs. I pulled and I pulled and I pulled. And the lace kept coming. I pulled some more. Surely I calculated the correct gauge? I laid the curtain on my lap and measured. Almost twice the width of my window.

The good new is I only have to cast on 115 stitches, not 175.

May your weekend be filled with productive, mistake-free stitching.

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August 24. 2007 01:35


Oh, that sucks!  At least with 60 less stitches it's going to seem like it's flying off the needles!

Christie |

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