A word about slippers

Maybe it's the whiff of the sanitorium or the bunny tails or the not-quite-sock-not-quite-shoeness of them, but I've always vaguely disapproved of slippers.

This winter, as the cold descends, I find myself drawn to the comfort of the house shoe. It pleases me to think of meeting the UPS man or the occasional Jehovah's Witness who comes to the door wearing something chic or eccentric, such as the following: 

New from CicciaBella, the Ruby Sherpa. Take your Uggs with a little chinoiserie. You'll cut quite a swath to the mailbox in these!


A whimsical take on the classic moc. Just the thing for driving your puppy mad.


Crazy for these. So Edie Beale! From Etsy vendor Bure Bure. 

Because there's no such thing as too much chinoiserie!


Pattern by Francine Toukou. To make, because you can.


Adore the sleek, Scandinavian vibe of the Grown-Up Bootie. By the inimitable Ysolda Teague. 

A great way to use up odd bits of worsted. Find Kim Hamlin's pattern for Save-the-Stream Slippers in Ann Budd's Knitting Green: Conversations and Planet Friendly Projects.

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