Adam gets a scarf

Noro Striped scarf in Silk Garden 246 and Cash Iroha 2 spilling from a Namaste Zuma bag in eggplant

In the beginning, God gave Adam Eve and immediately Eve wanted to redecorate the Garden--and Adam. And so God gave her all the colors, leaving Adam with grey and brown. And Eve saw that this was good.

Until she wanted to knit Adam a scarf.

Adam feared color more than he feared Eve. And so Adam said unto his wife, "Can't you just knit something simple in grey or brown?" And Eve did not listen to the pronouncement from her husband's lips and sat down underneath the Tree of Knowledge and knit what she wanted, knowing the man would complain that the scarf scratched his nakedness anyway.

But the man's stomach rumbleth and soon he was groaning with hunger and rage about the where-aboutedness of his evening repast. And Eve, busy with the knitting of her heart, told Adam to eat a freakin' apple. And so Adam did.

And, the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew they were naked. Eve, especially was gratified by the knowledge--if not by the sight--because this meant they could leave the Garden and go to the yarn shop.

And God called out to Adam, "Where art thou?" And Adam shriveled by his nakedness and wife's ire, told God they were at the yarn shop. And God said, "Didn't I tell Eve that thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee?"

And Adam sighed and looked to the heavens and the brilliantly colored yarn his wife was touching and he said unto the Lord, "You try living with her."

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theresa |

February 16. 2009 10:59


FABULOUS story. I love it. A West of Eden classic. Keep up the good work!!

Susan |

February 16. 2009 12:00


Love it!

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