Aging in place

Earlier this week, Wendy over at Knit and Tonic discussed aging and how some women are all philosophical about it, like it's a grand adventure watching one's face, nose, ass and boobies succumb to gravity. (For the latter, there's at least a non-surgical solution, Denver's Store of Lingerie is having its spring sale starting Saturday.) Most women are not all sanguine and loving about their crow's feet, otherwise why would skin care be this mutli-gagillion dollar industry?

I'll admit, I'm not the youngest girl at the party. I have a full head of grey hair. I railed against the dying of the light, until Mom bought me one of these. And let's just say, I don't weigh 102 lbs. anymore.

I also wouldn't go back to being 25 even if you paid me a million dollars and got me a date with George Clooney.

Your 20's suck, people. Admit it. You're trying to start your lives, begin careers, find mates, make money and discover, “Am I a cat person or a dog person“? “Do I want to live in Sundance or Schenectady“? “Do I believe in crystals or Jesus“? And you have to do it while being all clever on MySpace and typing on itty-bitty telephone key pads. Shitfire, man, that's a lot of work!

But you're all cute and perky and passionate and energetic and fresh. Lot to be said for that. 'Specially when something like this occurs:

A year or so ago, Mitch and I were in Westcliffe. I was puttering about the house and Mitch was talking to one of the town's famously inebriated citizens. She asked Mitch, “Where's your wife“? He pointed to the house. “Oh,“ she said. “I thought that was your grandpa.“

Ba da dum.

I recently picked up a brochure posing this question, “What can cosmetic acupuncture do for me?” I haven't thrown it away, if that tells you anything.

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March 15. 2007 03:40


As a 27 year old, I just wanted to offer thanks for your sympathy.  I'm sure there'll eventually be an end to this prolonged "figuring it out" stage, but I'm still too much in it to see the other side.

Heather |

March 15. 2007 05:54


well said (as is usually the case with you)!  so far, the 40s have been the best for me.  perhaps its wisdom, but I dont feel my age, I enjoy life more now than I ever did.  Age is a number, and is best contemplated without spiritual constrictions.

John |

March 15. 2007 06:06


I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long, long time!!  Thanks, "Grandpa"!!!!  However, I'd love to find the 25 year old me and kick myself in the ass.  I passed up a LOT . . and at 39 I'm neither married nor with any children.  Now, I'm starting to wonder.  No, I don't hear that clock ticking (I'm sure my battery is almost dead) . . but I wonder if I'll die alone.  THAT is where my head is now.  After 28 when I went through the mid-mid-life crisis they never discuss . . my mortality is utmost in my mind.  Would I like to have my 25 year old body and face back?  You bet your older ass I would!!  *sigh*

Leslie |

June 29. 2007 11:38


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