Cashmere: Score!

I was the only entry in Ruth's contest, "I have a yarn will," to submit a button for the Ravelry group of foresighted knitters who know how they want their yarn dispursed when they break on over to the other side. (See below.) I do not as yet have a yarn will and have premium stash. Just making the point.

Ruth rewarded me for my efforts with this lovely bon bon: A skein of Habu Textiles A-34, 100% Cashmere and Habu's pattern for a feather-and-fan scarf.

Ample reward for this:

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August 25. 2009 11:04


No yarn will yet?

Would it be terribly rude to put in a request for blues, aluminum needles and pattern books?  What the hell.  I'm feeling unusually bold today.

(Of course, you'll be included in my yarn will and I hope neither one of us ever collects.)

threadingwater |

August 25. 2009 15:14


I was so glad when one of my daughters learned to knit.  She's not knit obsessed yet (I suspect she may become so wneh the 3rd child starts prescool next month.)  meantime - she can shop my stash whenever she wants.  i sent her a large skein of Casbah for a Clapoits

donna |

August 25. 2009 16:40


Lucky you!

Christie |

August 25. 2009 19:01


wonderful! enjoy...

John |

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