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This is mostly a post for the local contingent:


I’m drowning in yarn. Through a mix of good fortune and a big mouth, I’ve found myself the beneficiary of a lot of yarn. Mostly oddballs, some still in the wrapper, some I’ve had to use to swatch.

Got any ideas about where to donate? The Nake-id Bungalow is bursting!



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August 6. 2007 00:50


i collect yarn for charity knitting & schools. Smile donated a bunch to a junior high school teacher for a club.

sylvia |

August 6. 2007 01:51


Or you could take it to a  local SNB meeting and make a whole lotta new friends!

Christie |

August 6. 2007 02:27


If you're willing to ship it, send it to Interim House: "Interim House Inc. is a 6 month drug and alcohol residential and outpatient program for women located in Philadelphia. In 2004, Interim House began a knitting program that has been very sucessful. Because of the community's response in donating yarn and needles we thought that having a blog would be a way to showcase our projects and express our thanks. Yarn donations are always welcome, appreciated, and put to good use."

THis place was featured on Cast-On in February. They have a blog to show the work they're doing with donations:">

Contact Kathy Duff if you want to make that donation.

Nancy |

August 6. 2007 10:45


Or, you can donate to my office. I work at The Gathering Place, a local (Capital Hill) daytime drop in center for women and their kids living with homelessness and poverty.  We have a weekly knitting group for our women- and never enough yarn to meet demands!  Check us out at">

Samantha |

August 6. 2007 23:58


Girl Scouts, chemotherapy waiting rooms (ours has a basket of yarn and needles with instructions for afghan squares), local daycare/school (for crafts--probably not knitting), knitting guild, hospital auxillary (women often knit for newborns).

I gave away big bags to a local guide leader and knitting guild and it felt great to get the stuff out of my house!

Dr. Steph |

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