Anatomy of a curtain


This is the kitchen at El Rancho before we moved in. You can see from this over-exposed image that the windows are in desperate need of covering. Window treatments, as it were, a phrase implying medication or therapeutic intervention, when all the darn windows require is a simple outfit so the morning dishwasher doesn’t go blind in the eastern sun. 

Inspired by the cafe curtain from Knit Picks (see below), I decided to enter the exciting world of home furnishings. I wanted a beefier curtain than the KP version, one with plenty of drape. And I'm thinking of incorporating fringe—to limit my commitment to the lace and add drama--for an ethnic shawl feeling.

I’ve long admired the lace ribbon stitch (pg 284) from Barbara Walker’s second treasury and having scored a nice paprika-colored yarn on the infamous south Denver yarn crawl (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Candy Apple) swatched it up, cast on and away we go.

The windows measure 36–inches across and given the gauge, which I can’t remember for the life of me, cast on 175 stitches. This will give me a finished curtain just shy of 36–inches wide as I want it to hang fairly straight. I debated doing a top treatment with eyelets through which to thread the curtain rod, but opted for a provisional cast-on and hem, thinking it would give me a flatter hang. Will keep you posted, 'cause I know you're holding your breath!


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August 15. 2007 01:26


Wow, a curtain huh? The project sounds pretty intriguing. I bet it will be great. I've thought of it, but my windows are incredibly large (due to an older condo), so I would rather rip out my fingernails.

Thanks for the recipe from the other day too. I plan on trying that soon, it looks really yummy!

Wanda |

August 15. 2007 08:14


Love it!  It will be so pretty!  As for me, I keep dreaming of owning a home and making the knitted screen door from Alterknits.

Christie |

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