Anatomy of a murder

Someone anonymously sent Antone another victim. I’m predicting disembowelment by week’s end.




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September 18. 2006 04:12


Antone is one of the cutest kitties I know and deserves a new mouse, bless his evil little heart.

Sue |

September 18. 2006 04:24


Ah. I think Antone needs a steady supply of mice. . . . Steady enough to keep him away from your *real* knitting.

At least our dogs don't go after handmade textiles (nor does the cat, but she's nineteen and reasonably well behaved, except for shoving papers off my desk when they get in her way).

One of the dogs, a 50-pound Border collie/spaniel cross, was a tester for Nylabone until they let her go because she destroyed *everything* they sent, even stuff that could hold up to big dogs with massive teeth. She's a role model for persistence. Mega-heavy-duty kong: shredded in 30 to 60 seconds.

Deborah Robson |

December 15. 2006 23:21



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June 29. 2007 15:18


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