And now we are five

Five years ago I received an assignment from Karin Strom, who edits Yarn Market News, to write a story about new products and yarn companies. This was during the height of the knitting boom, when eyelash was, um, queen and knitting was "not your grandmother's" fusty, old hobby.

Fast forward five years and a lot has changed (including the fact that I'm old enough to be a grandma). Daryl Brower's piece "Take Five" in this issue looks at the big trends of the last five years. Hard to believe, but things that are daily parts of our knitting lives now, like Ravelry, didn't exist five years ago. There are countless new designers, shops, combinations of shops, real, virtual, real and virtual. And the yarns, eco, exquisite and outrageous. Banana, pineapple silk, anyone?

In the last five years, I've written about lace yarns, sock knitting, iPhone apps, organic fiber, boutique mills, fair trade and socially conscious yarns, spinning, male knitters, knitters of color, blogging and facebooking, crochet, knitting and health and lots more. I've also marveled at the work of YMN's other writers, who are so prolific and tapped in and competent, well, it helps keep this old girl's game up.

And, of course, there's Karin, who manages to herd the cats, yarn scraps, failing copy (I hate it when she's right), designers and photographers into this compelling, attractive whole. She doesn't make it look easy, but she sure makes it look stylish.

Happy Birthday, everybody. It sure has been fun.



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