Neckwarmers and Steam Heat

Like much of the rest of the country, the Mile High City has been plunged into the cold, a phenomenon that has inspired a burst of productivity. We've all heard that if you hands, neck, feet and ears are warm, then you are warm. If that was true, we could through ourselves into snowdrifts wearing nothing but hats, cowls, mittens and socks.

The freezing temps have inspired a striptease of sorts. I'll spare you the visuals. But last night the cold drove me and a friend to Lake Steam Baths. It's an old steam room--think "The Sopranos" not "Sex and the Citÿ"--where a stern naked lady hands you a postage-stamp-sized washcloth and orders you in sans towel, sans glasses, sans hats, cowls, mittens and socks.

It takes a bit of getting used to. But it's blessedly humid and hot. And today my bones and sinuses are grateful. 

But wse can't spend all our time steaming? So it's back to considering our extremeties in extremis. One more Coloradan will have a warm Malabrigo neck when the above finds a home today. A super chunky neckwarmer accompanied by some Nake-id Soap--orange, ylang-ylang and basil this time. For keeping warm and clean when it's time to steam clean.

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January 2. 2009 12:04

Stephanie Geyer

As the recipient of this gift, I can share that my neck has never felt warmer! I wore it to Christmas eve services with a black turtleneck and pants. Elegant and lovely. And the soap smells yummy!

Stephanie Geyer |

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