Apple Gingerbread Cake

Upside Down Apple Gingerbread

This year the apple tree didn't deliver. A mixed blessing; we don't have apples, but we don't have squirrels pelting the cats, either. And that vague smell of vinegar and decay if we aren't vigilant about collecting the fallen.

I typically make my mother-in-law's apple cake for Rosh Hoshanah or thereabouts, so on one of my few excursions out recently, bought a bag of organic Jonathans from this vendor at the Farmer's Market--a very generous bag of damaged bakers for $5 that taste like cider and perfume. I couldn't immediately locate the apple cake recipe (it has since surfaced), but was of a mind to combine the tart taste of apples with a dark gingerbread. And found this.

I doubled the recipe to get two cakes and used about 4 tbs less butter than called for. We loved it. Great with tea, but promises to be even better with whipped cream!

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