Are you bi-craftual?

At Wedesday’s meeting of the North Denver Knitting Guild, Marly of the podcast Yarn Thing brought up the very good point that a schism persists between knitters and crocheters. A knitter who doesn’t crochet is one thing. But a crocheter who doesn’t knit? Girl, get out of our sandbox.

Knitters have a superiority complex. Maybe it’s because we use two hands. Or because conventional sweaters are created from knit fabric. Or, maybe, we’re just mean-spirited witches.

It’s all so human; it’s that wretched three-year-old inside all of us who wants to scream, “Mine,” and step on our siblings’ fingers.

I’m guilty of it. In the past, I’ve maligned crocheters as couturiers for toliet paper rolls. Plus, who needs another brown and orange ripple afghan?

Discrimination is born from fear. Where in the world do you put the damn hook anyway? That crochet is kinda loose isn't it? Kinda loose, kinda free? Scares us knitters who go up one row and down the other like we're plowing corn.

Then I began noticing the possibilities. I was at The Lamb one evening, when Judy, who taught crochet, casually threw some of her exquisite lace on the table, and I nearly fainted. A famous yoga teacher I interviewed confessed that she crocheted lace edgings onto her yoga pants and tops. When I spied a crocheted skirt in a magazine I was dying to make, I realized I was clearly handicapping myself. It was time to take the cob out of my butt and pick up the hook.

I now consider myself bi-craftual, though my crochet won’t be winning any ribbons at the county fair. I try to be inclusive when writing articles; it’s too easy to use “knitters” as the umbrella term, as opposed to stitchers, yarnies or the cumbersome, knitters and crocheters. And I find myself defending crochet as a sophisticated fiber art (because I can’t get my f*ckin’ edges to line up).

So, here’s to a year of pushing envelopes, inclusivity and change at the top. (Thanks, Iowa. The Midwest rocks!)

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January 4. 2008 02:43


I'm totally bi!  Thank god I won't get kicked out the sandbox!

Christie |

January 4. 2008 05:10


I did a little crochet as a kid. Now, nothing ... other than a little quilting now and then.

I guess that makes me the crazy lady with the dog who barks at the women in the sandbox.

PS I love that Mr Orange Kitty is a Libertarian.

Roxanne |

January 4. 2008 06:31


Personally, I go for threesomes: knitting, crochet and looping.  I have yet to combine all three in a single project, but that's only because my affection for looping is so new.

On my recent travels, I took no knitting whatsoever, only a crochet project.  I have to say, crochet is much better suited to airplane travel; less hardware, no points, no elbowing seatmates, no dealing with overly officious flight attendants who make you put away your needles during take-offs and landings.  I mean, really, do they make people put away their pens and pencils?  It's obnoxious.

threadingwater |

January 4. 2008 06:49


Thank you for the confession. As Grand High Poohbah, The Big Cheese, and Mother Confessor of the The CLF...

It's good to hear someone say it out loud. We life long users of the hook knew it all a long. Smile

(I can't knit...but I spin, felt, needle felt, embroider, and of course crochet)

You see that's what bugs me...Knitting in the 70's was a GAWD awful as crochet...EVERYTHING was Gawd awful in the seventies com'on a whole decade of polyester, EWWWW...

However, I don't tar pointy stick users with that polyester brush ;) I'm in awe of folks who can use those chopsticks to make things! So much so I learned to "eyeball" sweaters and make them in crochet...and they have won awards at the county fair ;)

Thank you again for your kind words!


Laurie Wheeler |

January 4. 2008 08:03


I am bi-craftual and have been for decades.  Knitting and needle point are my passion.  The reason for this condition is that I have seen knitting die down and return and needle point is kind of in the doldrums now so yarns and mesh are not as easy to find as they once were.  But knitting yarns are enjoying a hayday.  This way I can always be crafting.

Anne |

January 4. 2008 23:47


I'm proud to be bi!  Joining Ravelry kicked my butt and got me crocheting working on the Babette blanket (using Malabrigo) now...have some lace shawls I found I want to do...and just got the book from Japan so I can start the Hexagon Blanket next.  I also found the CLF, thank heavens for them.  No longer are we thought of as the manufacturers of crocheted poodle toilet paper covers...we carry our hooks high...

martie |

January 5. 2008 05:28


Yea!  I get to stay in the sandbox.   Although I do prefer knitting (I find it more Zen), I have been crocheting for so long that I do not remember not being able to.   I find the whole knitters vs crocheters, needlepointers vs cross stitchers, silly.  I think all fiber crafts people should band together and take over the world.

Lisa C. |

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