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Speaking of social networking...

We all have our favorite places on Ravelry to lurk. Some like the forums (fora?) for the occasional dust ups that erupt. Others tend to their inventories. I like "friend activity." This is where you can see FOs, favorited items, queued projects and a glorious kaleidoscope of stashed yarns. A glimpse of an unfamiliar sweater, designer or fresh yarn can send me spinning to other pages, web sites and dreams of new knits.

A peek at Anne's new project led to this discovery: Can't stop thinking about it.

Twisted Vine Cardigan by Carol Sunday in wool and cashmere

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April 10. 2009 13:00


That is a beauty!

Christie |

April 10. 2009 14:19

Ann T

Whoa - she sure is a beauty - now isn't she!!  Takes your breath away.  Great color - excellect fit - spectacular.  Have a super Easter!

Ann T |

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