Ayurveda update

For a relief from "night backache, try Doan's Pills!" Remember the commercials? Did you ever wonder what they were? Quaaludes? Willow bark? Sugar? Mother's little helpers? (Turns out they're some kind of anti-inflammatory drug in the salicylate class, which also includes aspirin.)

They came to mind yesterday on my walk to work when I realized my hips didn't hurt. I bounced across Speer like a puppy, whereas most days, I feel like a boxer dog with hip dysplasia.

As a girl of a certain age, I'm blessed to have only minor aches and pains, but do from time-to-time feel my hips. A not uncommon complaint among the ladies of my set.

Not sure what prompted this development. Maybe it's the extra omega 3s or the turmeric-and-whatever tea or the regular slathering of sesame oil, but the old pod felt lighter yesterday, less encumbered. Definitely encouraging.

More to come.

Namaste, y'all.

P.S. For a serious trip-and-fall down memory lane, check out this vintage TV ads from the early '70s. The K-Tel Knitter is priceless!

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