Baby, it's cold outside



Holy crow! Look at all that white stuff!

Obviously the big news here in the Mile High City is “snow.” And lots of it. If you were planning on coming here today, put that right out of your pretty little head immediately, the airport is closed. So are the schools. We’re hoping for postal service today as there was none yesterday. But we’re still feeling rather celebratory; snow brings an excuse to cuddle more with kitties and loved ones and to don one’s knit garments. We might even venture out on snowshoes later.

Yesterday, I was working with Southern Californians who were complaining about their chill 63 degrees. Whimps.

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December 21. 2006 01:39


Love it!

But, speaking of wimps . . .  it looks like all your pictures were taken from inside the house.

Hope you get out to play later today.

threadingwater |

December 21. 2006 04:15


Yeah, let's see some out-in-the-snow pics, Mme. Nake-id. Has Antone actually touched snow yet?


Susan |

December 21. 2006 04:20


You certainly have a winter wonderland!  Stay warm and enjoy it while you can.  

margene |

December 21. 2006 07:26


Hello!  I was just out wandering around knitting blogs and came across yours.  And Yes, you are So very right on Californians.  Smile  I was born and raised here and currently live in Santa Barbara.  And let me tell you!  I grew up in the foothills and we occassionally got snow.  But ever since I moved here, I became the biggest weather wimp.  Smile  

Hope you have a great holiday!

Tracy Anderson |

December 21. 2006 11:44


Outside is SO overrated right now. Take your pictures from inside. Knit. It will be nice outside later.

Deborah Robson |

December 21. 2006 23:42


Snow plough finally came by this morn. Pity - I was getting so much crocheting done. Whoooeeeeee.

Susan |

June 29. 2007 13:16



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