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A while back (OK, like a year ago), I started Cheryl Oberle’s Little Edo jacket. In the ensuing months, I’ve knit many things, complained vigorously on these pages, grown older, visited foreign lands and even written about Oberle, but have made very little progress on this lovely garment. The other day, I returned to it, trepidatious because it is LACE, albeit easy LACE, but was able to sink right in. Just like a great novel. And the yarn, Oberle’s own hand-dyed “Reflections,” a 50–50 merino-mohair, like stitching with sapphires.



Itty bitty teeny weeny Edo

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February 16. 2007 01:27

Kay Mc

My Oberle sweater has been languishing in a bag ---- 15431also half finished.  Yesterday I moved it to the front of the line-up of "to-be-finished" items.  Perhaps we need a knit-along gathering?

Kay Mc |

February 17. 2007 03:06


great color!  keep up the good work...

John |

June 29. 2007 11:57



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