Barf globs and other editing techniques

You know how when you pull on one of those fat, sausage-shaped skeins and out comes a giant, gnarly knot--a barf glob, in Wendy parlance--the kind of tangle requiring hours of patience to undo, patience that should be reserved for one's pets, children and spouse?

That's what the novel is like. A giant barf glob. A Gordion mess of scenes, characters and decades. For example, in one section, the main character abhors cooking, in another she's whipping up nicoise salads and pasta glistening with exquisite boutique olive oil. Another woman is a raw foodist for a time. Turn the page and she's putting up a little Shake 'N Bake for the fam.

Happily, no one knits.

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July 11. 2007 03:55


Sounds just like life, the layers change over time.

Pam |

July 11. 2007 04:25


Ew. Barf globs.

Wendy |

July 11. 2007 11:42


I have known many manuscripts like that. Sometimes I make up tracking lists and tape them on the wall. Sometimes I think I need a big padded cell where I can tape tracking lists all over all of the walls.

Deborah Robson |

July 11. 2007 11:48


My characters change names quite often, just to confuse me, I think. Also they change their personal characteristics as yours do. It takes many reads-through (!) to get them all in line.

Susan |

July 11. 2007 15:04


Maybe the writer should have done a little more character development.

Christie |

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