Barfed up

I have this amazing yarn, which seemed perfect for Teva Durham’s Marguerite Jacket—a  Chanel-inspired cardigan from Loop-d-Loop Crochet. The yarn is from Textiles a Mano. You’ll have to trust that my photos don’t do her work justice.

When I spied Durham’s little jacket, I thought it would be the ideal thing for this stunning yarn. But when I swatched those little Marguerite clusters, I realized I hated making them. Who wants to be digging around for 3/4 loops for an entire garment? Plus, my wool would never drape like the original, so off I went to Vogue Stitchionary: Volume Four for some inspiration. I found some lovely shells, but even after dropping down a hook size or two, I have nothing. Just a big ol’ barf glob. See? It’s much closer to Sartre than Chanel.


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