Barley Risotto with Beans and Greens Recipe

Here's the difference between her blog and mine: She can make an egg yoke look (and sound) like it belongs in the boudoir. Me? Like something you might enounter on your way to the Swine flu.

So I have like this blog crush and occasionally cruise over there to see what's for dinner. Since I love risotto but am always looking for ways to add more whole grains to the Nake-id diet, this appealed. Doesn't she make it look divine? All mushroom- and taupe-colored and warm? You can almost smell it through your screen.

So I made it, adding garlic with the onions and using cannellini beans. I omitted the butter and used a combination of Pinot Grigio that had turned, boxed organic chicken broth and that weird, gelatinous Better Than Boullion Vegetable Base.

I had never cooked with escarole and looked to the Internets for a chopping how-to. (Just slice off the white stuff, then go for it, pretty much.)

Though the barley risotto took about an hour of stirring to reach that gooey, satisfying consistency that makes risotto so irresistable, we were rewarded with a hearty, hot meal, rich with the taste of loamy earth. 

Barley, it turns out, is quite healthy laden as it is with selenium and fiber. We're officially bananas over it. If I were to adjust the recipe, it would be to eliminate the beans and add a mixture of mushrooms, a move I think, that would heighten the dark flavor of this comforting dish.

Thanks, Deb!




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