The other day on my peregrinations, I stopped at the bead store. I had it in mind to make a necklace--for a gift--and needed a few beads to embellish a knit edging. I bought very little, bead stores being singularly frustrating in their approaches to merchandising. You might have to visit three or more to come away with a proper bead needle, a string of reasonably priced freshwater pearls and the right-sized seed beads. But maybe that's just the nature of the beast.

Anyway, my original thought was to string beads directly onto the yarn--Silkience by Ella Rae--but that proved too heavy. I would love to knit this entire garment from Art Yarns' or Tilli Tomas' beaded silks, but my inner skinflint would never allow it. So that means a whole lot of stringin' is goin' on.

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July 2. 2008 03:37


Wow, that's a lot of work! But the result is gorgeous.

Kitt |

July 2. 2008 11:10


Very pretty.

Roxanne |

July 2. 2008 12:09

Jewelry Making

That's a really neat idea! I like it!

Jewelry Making |

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