Beauty knows no pain

Back in the day, my friend Lisa would say, "Beauty knows no pain." And we'd laugh. Because it was the '80s and we were young and traipsing around in acid-wash jeans and stilettos. What did we know from plantar fasiatis?

Add a few years, some miles and an incipient bunyon, and you can bet your podiatrist that beauty knows pain.

For the past couple of months I've been logging some time in an office, where I've seen a parade of pointy-toed stilettos that make me want to hand out packets of moleskin. (Though I'd rock orthotics to take those python-print heels I saw yesterday for a stroll.)

Walking is a mode of travel for me and I'm always on the lookout for footgear that will go from point A to point B stylishly and comfortably. (And not cause spousal eyebrow wagging at the expenditure.)

After an interview two weeks ago, I tooled quickly through a favorite boutique and spotted the shoes pictured above, OTBT's Racine. The footbed was cushioned and soft. The soles flexible and lightly treaded. There seemed to be a modicum of support.

I would love to say that I did the right thing and purchased locally. But instead I ran home to acquire the shoe for less money (free shipping, no tax).

The upshot: They're divine, except for a persistent jingle jangle of the buckles. Like one co-worker said, "You sound like Christmas."

But at least I'm comfy!





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