Bee Brain-Crochet your own

I swear, this won't become a bee blog. But as we anticipate the arrival of "our girls," we've been doing a lot of reading and thinking about the critters. As I crocheted my way through bee club last night (yes, the Nake-ids are full-on bee geeks--at least this season), I wondered about bee-related stitching possibilities. Looks like I'll be stashing more yellow yarn.

Scroll down. Some of these are just killer Wink

Jonathan the Bumble Bee by Stacey Trock

Burnie the Bee by Stacey Trock

Boo the Bee by Shannen C

Bumblebee by Grace Meador

Bee by Fiber Doodles

Bee Gurumi by LuvlyGurumi

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