Beet aging

OK, now I'm stretching the theme a bit. But here are some images that put a smile on my aging visage.

Cracked me up:

Get your antioxidants.

From Berroco.

Made me proud:

Cousin Stephanie's University of Michigan afghan knit for her BF. (Wise girl, knows better than to knit her man a sweater before he ponies up with the you know.)

Intarsia, baby, must be love.

Made me stop and smell:

Lilacs 2008

Made my heart swell:

Of course the moment lasted all of two seconds, but still...

Antone in repose.

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May 9. 2008 04:07


Yeah, that's a rather maniacal cat grin if I ever saw one.  He reminds me so much of an orange tabby I had growing up.  "Beast" would stalk the neighbor's small dog by creeping towards him through the grass on his belly.  The poor dog was tied on a leash and would just about die with trepidation. Just before reaching close enough to pounce, Beast would raise himself up on all fours and slowly turn and walk away, wearing that same cat grin.

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