Beet it

So I got these exotic-looking beets at the Highland Micro-Market (MiMa) from Heirloom Gardens, an urban multi-plot farm initiative with gardens in our neighborhood. Sundari, who runs Heirloom Gardens, explained their names (the above are Chioggia) and then said, "And, of course, you're going to eat the greens."

Um, yeah, of course.

Rosso and Lukins to the rescue. The New Basics is my favorite cookbook. Written by the Silver Palette ladies, The New Basics contains instructions on how to cook most anything. When it comes time to cook a turkey, leg of lamb, roast or risotto, I turn to these women even before consulting the Internet.

They suggested parboiling the greens and sauteeing with shallots and olive oil. Ignoring the parboiling part (I may consult, but don't always heed), I wilted the greens with some garlic, olive oil, kosher salt and a splash of lemon. The beets I "parboiled" in the microwave then Mitch tossed them on the grill.

It was a divine summer dinner, the bitter greens offering a nice counterpoint to the sweet, meaty beets and tender asparagus; buffalo burgers anchored the meal.

Next week I promise to get off my locovore high horse and talk a little bit about the philosophical inconsistencies here at Chez Nake-id (that lemon didn't come from a tree in the Platte River Valley) and get back to knitting.

Have a splendid weekend.


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July 17. 2009 14:34


Not a thing wrong with a little locovore evangelising.

Man, I really have to get to the MicroMart one of these days...

Marin |

July 17. 2009 22:15


mmmmmm - I love beets.  There is a Polish buffet restaurant that we go to just because they have the BEST pickled beets.  many years ago, my ex husband & I had a solar greenhouse on the back of our house (just off the kitchen).  We never got any actual beets but we got a lot of very fresh greens.  Just picked beet greens are fantastic in salad - very delicate tasting.  But you have to eat them right away - even an hour or so & they start to taste bitter.

mwknitter |

July 18. 2009 12:37

Alice Reich

My "New Basics" is held together with rubber bands -- hence I rarely use it.  I'd better check back in with those gals.  Are we locavores if we eat in neighborhood restaurants?

Alice Reich |

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