Belly laugh

Let’s have a conversation about my stomach virus, shall we?


For the last week, I’ve been wracked with the kind of discomfort only possible when one’s digestive system decides to run afoul of normality. All the wrenching and squeezing and heaving have left me both exhausted and appalled at the betrayal perpetrated on my person by my sweet little tummy.


While it’s given me oodles of time to knit, my malady has left me so drained and dazed, that even knitting holds little appeal. But food, that’s another story.


After days of nothing but rice, bananas, ginger ale and a scrambled egg, when I really felt like throwing caution to the wind, I’m ready for something warm and roasted and succulent.


Last night’s menu: Pan-fried pork chops with pomegranate-fennel salsa, brussels spouts hash with carmelized shallots and acorn squash with maple and currents.


So far, no reprisals down under. We’ll see.

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November 15. 2007 07:10


Hope your belly truly is laughing by now.  That pork chop recipe got swept into my recipe box IMMEDIATELY.  Thanks.

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