Bet you don't have a Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn snowglobe

Lisa just returned from England with the above treasures. A lifelong Tudorphile (as am I), she made a pilgrimmage this spring to Hever (pronounced heave-er) Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.

I'm convinced we spent past lives as scullery maids for Cardinal Woolsey.

If you're looking for some delish summer reading, dive in to the Autobiography of Henry VIII, a wonderful work of historical fiction about King Hal's life told from the perspective of his fool. For something a little more challenging, gobble down Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, by Booker-prize winner Hilary Mantel.

Or if you just want to start a wardrobe "reformation"...

Or for the bored office worker in need of distraction...

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