Black Skirt Waistband Tutorial


Have you ever put in a waistband?

Me, neither. But this is why it's nice to have a good library. I just pulled copies of Vogue Knitting and Shirley Paden's Knitting Design Workshop and searched "waistband" in the index.

The skirt was knit from the bottom up. As you can see from the above photograph, you must transfer your live stitches to a length of waist yarn to begin. (I had already knit a generous one-inch waistband casing complete with one purled turning ridge in the middle.)


I then folded, steamed and pinned the casing to the wrong side of my garment (using those fabulous KA bamboo seaming pins). Here comes the tricky part. 

To graft the casing to the private side of your piece, you must whipstitch each live stitch to a purl bump. The photo shows my tapestry needle grabbing a purl bump and waistband stitch. Then you do it again. And again. And again. It's a bit tedious and in black, blinding. But the books have photos and there's nothing to be afraid of.

Once the waistband was secure--all but two inches of it--I inserted one-inch knit elastic, the really soft stuff (cut just smaller than my waist measurement and with a one-inch allowance for overlap), into the casing with a large safety pin attached to the leading end. With some scooching and zhusshing, you can get the elastic to circumnavigate the waist and lie properly inside its new home. Once you have the elastic in place, overlap it, stitch the ends together with gusto and finish whipstitching.

Remove cat hair from black skirt.

Go shopping for textured tights.

More to show as the week progresses!

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