Blanket pour le bebe: Born to run on forever!

Handknit baby blankets are the dirty little secret in the knitting world. By the time you've cheerfully purchased the yarn, cast on and committed yourself, you realize you're in it for nine square feet of stockinette stitch. Nobody talks about this.

People post their pretty pictures on Ravelry then quietly vow to crochet the next one. No one's the wiser.

I'm here to crack this thing wide open. People: Handknit baby blankets are the Bermuda Triangle of knitting. You might sail in, but you'll never get out.

Get yourself some fleece at the fabric store, serge those edges and call it a binkie.

(Gotta admit, it is kinda cute...)

This is not to cast aspersions on the blanket in question. Knit on the diagonal, this bias blanket offers endless options for customization and has been a great project for my beginners-plus class. Gives 'em loooottttts of experience. A learning experience for me, as well; after four decades of knitting, finally learned that a baby blanket is indeed a labor of love.

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May 21. 2012 12:21


I just knit my third Pinwheel Baby Blanket, and that one is pretty fun, especially if there are stripes involved.

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