Blog goes wild

Remember this? In a lather over all the cowls, whimples, neck warmers, gaitors and snoods being shown this year, I whipped up a simple, single-crocheted tube and then subjected Mr. Nake-id to the above humiliation.

Yesterday the Daily Crocheter featured the Wattle Warmer as the free pattern of the day. This came to light when after checking my blog stats, I saw to my amazement not the usual 100 or so stragglers, but 1,300! Had something from my misspent youth been posted on the Interwebs?

I was delighted--and relieved--to discover it was just the good ol' Wattle Warmer. Much gratitude to the Daily Crocheter for taking Nake-id Knits from obscurity to anonymity.

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January 11. 2010 11:44


Be prepared for a slew of requests for your model to show off others' designs!!

Susan |

January 11. 2010 12:00


Obscurity to anonymity?  When you become super famous remember us little people!  ;)

Christie |

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