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Over the last few weeks, I've been trying to wrangle Nake-id Knits into some semblance of order, an exercise akin to cleaning a cramped, long-ignored closet. Or coralling a messy mind (a lifelong battle that one).

Mondays I'm reserving for knitting info. Tuesdays for a political rant or two. Wednesday for free patterns (like I said, we'll see how long this lasts). Thursdays for recipes that give you time to knit or crochet. And Fridays for other people's stuff (and de rigueur cat blogging).

A few things have come over the electronic transom this week, so thought I'd share:

1. Cheri and her partner Kathy will be sellling their soft-as-a-kitten Goosebumps Yarn at the Alpaca Market next weekend, Aug. 30-31 at the Estes Park Fairgrounds. Goosebumps is Royal Baby Alpaca, Colorado grown and dyed and quite remarkable.

2. Our friend Rabbi Levi Brackman's book is out, Jewish Wisdom for Business Success. In it Levi and his writing partner Sam Jaffe apply lessons from the Torah to contemporary business situations. Levi is a Kabbalah expert and one of the most learned guys we know. This is his first book and we suspect there will be many more. Mazel tov, Levi!

3. Another writing buddy, Vonalda Utterback is launching a teleseminar series that begins next week. The first one, Solve Your Insomnia, Drug Free runs Wed., Aug. 27, 7 p.m. (MST) and features two internationally renowned holistic health experts.

4. In case you haven't heard, A Knitted Peace is having its big sale this Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sale yarns are 30-50 percent off. And all sock yarn is going for 15 percent off.

5. More knitting jewelry! Spied this lovely cable needle necklace on Wendy's blog.

By Leslie Wind

And, now, for what you've been waiting for...

The unbearable cuteness of being

Good Shabbos, y'all.

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August 22. 2008 03:52


That is way too ordered for me.  However in the flurry of all this organization one asks, will Barbie be returning?

Harper |

August 22. 2008 04:31


Whew. Blog organizing is another thing I'm putting off. I definitely have messy mind syndrome.

Cute kitties! I love that the usual "M" on your tabby's forehead looks more like horns.

Kitt |

August 22. 2008 05:46


Those a couple of handsome boys!

Roxanne |

August 23. 2008 12:23


I'm glad I didn't know about the Knitted Peace sale. I would have felt compelled to check it out!

Wanda |

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