Blogging evangelism

Maybe it's human nature, but I often find myself nudging friends to blog. Not everyone, because as y'all know, having a blog is like having a pet, you constantly need to feed the beast. And most people don't want the tsouris.

I am blessed, however, with friends who are interesting and possessed of subject-matter knowledge (and the writing chops), which would add to the conversation, especially in the food bloggy space. Plus, I think once they got beyond the headache of establishing the blog, they would love it. We love it, don't we?

Anyway, this post is an homage to my pal Sal, who is enamored of quirky, hard-to-find foods. Like the blue cheese dressing found only at a steak house in rural Nebraska. Or the oatmeal cookie sourced from a tea house in Boston.

Or this...

A birthday gift from the aforementioned foodie.

For lavender lemonade combine one ounce of the Monin Lavender with 10 ounces of fresh lemonade and ice. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

I, however, will be enjoying mine with agua con gaz y limon this afternoon. Thanks Sal!

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