Blowin' in the wind

Remember when I said I was knitting lace curtains for the rancho? When I finished the first one, I immediately and artfully arranged it in the window where it would live out its life. When I realized I had reached the critical bind-off-or-not point in the second one, I had Mitch de-fenestrate the prototype so I could measure.

Getting really, really close. See?


The pattern is Lace Ribbon Stitch from BW’s Second Treasury. The yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Candy

*Remember, you have another day to comment for the yarn/baby book drawing tomorrow. I’m cutting off entries at noon on Halloween!

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October 30. 2007 02:14


I think the Mom card trumps the drawing on the yarn Smile

Pam |

October 30. 2007 22:04


Wow...and you thought knitting a lace shawl was an undertaking...I am blown away by your curtains...good show!

martie |

October 30. 2007 23:39


Can't wait to see those curtains in situ - oh, wait, can I enter twice for the drawing??!!!

Susan |

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