Bohus knitting: So late to the party

So earlier in the decade back when we had a president who we loved to hate, before we had a president whom we hate to hate, savvy knitters like Wendy and Stephanie were knitting their Bohus sweaters and getting all, you know, knitterly about them. And justifiably so, because they are knit on tiny needles and stunning in that high-modern Scandinavian-design-sensibility way.

Where was I? Who knows. Probably knitting rectangles with fun fur.

To learn more about Bohus Strickning, this wonderful-couture-tradition-born-of-necessity, this is the definitive resource:

Given that my next evil plan is to figure out how to knit one of this pretties on size 11 needles--lopi meets bohus?--I decided to start small and ordered a kit for these wristlets:

Swedish knitting kits are available from Solsilk. To order, email Solveig (her English is immaculate). She invoices through PayPal.

'Bout time we stir things up around here.


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November 10. 2009 12:15



Christie |

November 10. 2009 18:40


Don't buy the book, unless you already have.  Ihave it and you are welcome to it.  
Good idea to adapt patterns to larger needles - sounds like fun.

Sue |

November 10. 2009 23:18

Deborah Robson

Good show. It's never too late for Bohus fun.

Deborah Robson |

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