You can never have too many…

Earrings, handbags, balls of yarn, good friends and cardigans. So when three skeins of Fiesta’s La Boheme (at half price) slithered into my shopping bag, I was forced to consider a new project. (Kay, who urged me to pop for the third skein, observed, “With three, you can make a bolero.”)

The Crystal Palace web site provided this free pattern. And cross-country air travel resulted in the completion of two fronts, a sleeve and half a back. It’s looking quite promising, don’t you think?


Now, you fill in the blank. You can never have too many…?

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August 23. 2006 00:56


handknit socks!!

Samantha |

September 6. 2006 02:13


Nake-id Knits |

September 6. 2006 02:16


Nake-id Knits |

December 15. 2006 23:46



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